Angry West Ham fans invade the stage at Eurovision

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Angry West Ham United fans invaded the stage at last night’s Eurovision Song Contest.

UK entry SuRie was midway through performing Storm when a supporter – maniacally wielding a corner flag – leapt onto the stage and grabbed the microphone.

“Sullivan and Gold out,” he screamed towards the club’s owners, who were watching the show from their executive box.

The man was dragged away by security, but the bizarre scenes were far from over.

Another man stormed the stage and screamed ‘Moyes too’ down the mic.

“There was a few seconds of confusion before Mark Noble legged it over and shoved the intruder to the floor with laughable ease,” host Graham Norton explained.

“More fans then surrounded the executive box, letting their feelings known before the suits all filtered out, leaving a bemused Trevor Brooking alone to politely applaud winner Netta, from Israel.

“I don’t condone what they did, but I have to admit that even I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles is better than anything performed last night.”

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