Outrage as clickbait story fails to live up to its exciting headline

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Twitter users were left outraged to discover an online story failed to live up to the promise of its headline.

Tens of smartphone browsers found themselves wanting to know more after stumbling across ‘UNBELIEVABLE! Man Utd player TOTALLY DESTROYS teammate’ in their timelines.

However, many were disgusted to discover the scandal they were hoping for was just a 30-second video clip of Ander Herrera being asked who the worst timekeeper at Old Trafford was during a recent interview with Spanish TV.

“He just says ‘they’re all very professional, but sometimes Jesse Lingard can arrive a little bit late’, before looking a bit nervous and saying that he’s ‘a good player really’,” fumed Rudyard Filbert-Street, one of many Twitterers gutted to have clicked on the link from trustworthy hard news site 2002 Super Strikes.

Fellow clickbait victim Alexander Boothferry-Park replied with a scathing: “Delete this.”

When contacted by Swipe Football he told us: “This is the last time I fall for this.

“I know I said the same after clicking on ‘You’ll never guess which Premier League player this GORGEOUS WAG cheated on’, ‘REVEALED: The top 10 rated players on FIFA 17 – you won’t believe number seven’, ‘GOLAZO! Ajax Wonderkid hits worldie in training’ and ‘Remember Sally from Home and Away? You WON’T BELIEVE what she looks like now!’, but I mean it this time.

“I only follow them for the GIFs anyway.”

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