Philosophy bad boy Friedrich Nietzsche is a surpise Joey Barton fan… and here are the tweets to prove it

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Philosophy bad boy Friedrich Nietzsche is attempting to show fans his softer side – by tweeting quotes from footballer Joey Barton.

The former Manchester City and Rangers ace may seem like a surprising hero for Nietzsche, currently serving a 13-month ban from all thought about the fundamental nature of knowledge, existence and reality after betting on the outcome of a Fyodor Dostoevsky essay.

But inspiring quotes such as ‘Javier Pastore wouldn’t get a beach ball off me if we were locked in a phone box. He’s turd’ seem to have struck a chord with the Ubermensch thinker, tweeting from his @Fred7Nietzsche account.


Saxony-born Nietzsche may be one of the most talented experts in metaphysical voluntarism of his generation, but a long list of misdemeanours has stopped him fulfilling his true potential.

In 1871 he was fined six weeks’ wages after stubbing his pipe out in the eye of a young student.

He was sent home from a field trip to Thailand after assaulting a 15-year-old Immanuel Kant fan and was jailed for six months following a 2am brawl outside a sausage and weissbier stall in Leipzig.


Although some are sceptical about Nietzsche’s new-found love of Barton, the big-brained boffin is adamant he is more than just the unruly thinker he believes the media love to portray him as.

Maybe sharing wisdom such as ‘Neymar is like the Justin Bieber of football. Brilliant on the old YouTube, cat piss in reality’ will help convince us there is much more below the surface.


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