This man said ‘shat’ to Gary Lineker. And he’s telling everyone about it

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A man who tweeted ‘shat’ to Gary Lineker is telling everyone exactly what he did.

Barry Spam, 37, is so proud of his achievement that he screengrabbed the interaction before repeatedly thrusting his smartphone into the faces of friends, colleagues and strangers.

“I totally owned him,” said Spam, who responded to the Match of the Day pundit’s thoughts about Liverpool’s potential summer transfers with the message ‘shat on Klopp’.

“Everyone thinks I’m an absolute legend. 

“The secret is quick thinking. I was only the fourth person to reply ‘shat’ to that tweet.”

This is not the first time that Spam has exhibited his razor-sharp wit online.

He once tweeted ‘if you say so m8’ to Alan Shearer and called one of the girls off Take Me Out a ‘slag’ when she didn’t respond to his initial message asking for a shag.

“Barry’s really proud of this Lineker one,” said Spam’s sister Florence Waffle.

“He put the screengrab on Facebook and tagged about 50 people in it.

“Maybe it will all stop if he ever gets a girlfriend.”

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