Everybody thinks Gareth Southgate got his England squad horribly wrong, but nobody can agree why

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The nation erupted in fury as Gareth Southgate named his 23-man England squad.

But while millions of people reached for their smartphones to explain that the Three Lions manager got it horribly wrong, nobody could agree why.

“I think he was spot on taking Alexander-Arnold, but I’d have Lallana on the plane over Welbeck any day, even with two broken legs and a botched lobotomy,” squealed Liverpool fan Fred Bootle.

“No way. Welbs is da man 4 England. Ridiculous not 2 take Wiltshire. Best playa of iz gener8shun,” retorted Dave Gooner.

Newcastle fan Dave Tyne-Bridge was another supporter to air his disgust in a totally different way.

“Lascelles is better than anyone in that squad, man,” he said.

“And how can he not take Shelvey? Nobody has the passing range – or ability to get sent off and cost us the game – that he does.”

“Lascelles? Don’t talk bollocks,” Man United fan Billy Trafford replied.

“He’s one of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen. But yeah, I’d defo take him over Jones.”

The one person who seemed to agree with the England boss was 98-year-old Enid Southgate.

“Although I watch the Premier League week-in, week-out, I don’t see these players up close and have no idea about their current fitness levels, or the other attributes needed to succeed such as their drive or mentality,” she said.

“Nor do I have a clue about the formations Gareth wishes to play, which would also play a major factor in the selection.

“I’m just grateful he’s in the dug-out and unable to take part in a penalty shoot-out, the side-foot tosser.”

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