Manchester United flogging Gary and Phil Neville half-and-half scarves

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Fans have reacted furiously to Manchester United’s latest marketing ploy – a half-and-half Gary and Phil Neville scarf.

The Red Devils added the bizarre garment to the merchandise section of their website this morning, to much derision from die-hard supporters.

“Any true fan knows you can’t just support two brothers,” screamed puce-faced season ticket holder Timothy Brickles.

“Your Neville is your Neville for life, through thick and thin. 

“You can’t just change Nevilles like that, or start supporting both.

“The game’s gone.”

A club press statement accompanying the release of the scarf read: “This bold and ambitious new design offers the perfect fusion of Gary, Phil and acrylic to create this season’s must-have terrace accessory.

“Ok, we admit it’s shite. But the world is full of halfwits desperate to chuck their cash at any old tat to make them feel they’re part of something, even if deep down they know they’re nothing but pound signs in our eyes.

“People bought Bebe shirts for crying out loud.  We’re basically printing cash.”

There are no plans to sell the scarf in Valencia.

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