“Like what you see?” Gary Rowett sends sexy selfies to Premier League clubs, letting them know he’s ‘interested’

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Gary Rowett has sent a series of sexy selfies to Premier League clubs, letting them know he’s ‘interested’.

Brunette Rowett announced he was in a relationship with Stoke City hours after dumping Derby County earlier this week, but pals close to the 44-year-old stunner say he is already on the lookout for something a little more exciting.

“Gary sent me a picture of him on all fours, wearing a skimpy top, hot pants and sucking a lollipop with the message ‘like what you see?’” admitted Leicester City chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabh.

“At first I thought he was having a bit of fun because he’s always been naturally flirtatious.

“But minutes later my phone beeped again. It was another picture, but this time he was totally nude.

“Another message read ‘you want this? I’m interested and home alone. Why not come get me?’”

While bubbly Rowett – who has had a string of high-profile relationships with clubs in the past four years – has also been linked to a number of chairmen, Swipe Football understands that Stoke are determined to patch things up.

“We belong together. I know he’s the one,” defiant Potters chairman Peter Coates announced.

“We’ll do anything to stay together. I’ve contacted the Jeremy Kyle Show and everything.”

Curvy Rowett – who has changed his Facebook relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’ – was unavailable for comment.


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