Piers Morgan excited about launching Arsenal #EmeryOut campaign

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Self-appointed Arsenal superfan Piers Morgan is looking forward to launching a brutal campaign to oust new manager Unai Emery.

Within seconds of the 46-year-old being announced as the Gunners’ new boss, Good Morning Britain host Morgan began scrawling a series of faux-heartfelt Tweets about how Emery must leave the Emirates for the good of his beloved club.

“They’re all saved in his drafts,” a pal told Swipe Football.

“He’s got some belters ready to be sent as soon as a few results go against Arsenal. It’s the old tabloid columnist method of gaining maximum attention by going directly against popular public opinion.

“Pick a few sensible campaigns to look like a decent bloke and keep the great unwashed onside, then go back to telling the plebs why they are wrong and watch the indignant and self-righteous have a go back, creating the perfect amount of exposure to remain relevant and employable.

“You won’t get anything past good old Piers, unless it’s mocked-up photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqis.”

Many Arsenal fans were delighted to see former Sevilla and PSG boss Emery given the job while Mikel Arteta, the one-time favourite, also gave his approval.

“Well done Unai,” he said. “Good luck with Morgan’s online rants.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be at Man City picking up loads of trophies.”

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