Brutal! Sergio Ramos drags granny to floor and dislocates her shoulder while helping her cross the road

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A granny has re-lived the shocking moment Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos left her hospitalised after dragging her to the floor while crossing the road.

“I was just nipping out to get my blue rinse done when this young man offered to help me cross the road,” said Kiev local Yulia Poroshenko, recoiling in horror.

The 87-year-old grandmother thought she was accepting a kind gesture from a stranger, not knowing the horror that was about to unfold.

“The gentleman, who spoke with a Spanish accent, offered me his arm and I placed mine inside as we began to cross,” she continued.

“But seconds later he tightened his grip and hurled his body towards the road, dragging me with him.

“As I landed I felt my shoulder crunch. I knew it wasn’t good.”

Medics arrived on the scene, confirming knitting fanatic Poroshenko was out of action after dislocating her shoulder.

“As I was being put inside the ambulance the young man came up to me and said ‘sorry, it was just instinct’,” the octogenarian added.

“But I think the little fucker knew exactly what he was doing.”

This is not the first time Ramos has injured someone in this manner, the Madridista leaving three hospitalised when a rendition of Auld Lang Syne got out of hand in 2015.

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