Shameful! James Milner’s 12-hour rampage after necking Ribena from the dentist chair on England night out

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‘Ashamed’ James Milner has apologised for a 12-hour Ribena-fuelled rampage following an England squad bonding night out.

Fans filmed the Liverpool midfielder behaving totally out of character, outrageously leaving his rubbish on the table at a fast food restaurant and not waiting his turn at a cashpoint.

“I took things too far. It got out of hand,” said the tearful England international after having litres of the blackcurrant-flavoured drink poured down his throat as he took his turn in the dentist chair.

“I can’t remember a thing, but when I heard about what I did I felt more embarrassed than Loris Karius on the flight home from Kiev.”

Milner was reported to have ended his debauched night with his shirt untucked, also saying ‘hello’ to a woman he didn’t know.

Despite trembling as he recounted his terrible behaviour, Milner said he didn’t have a Ribena problem.

“It’s not like I do it all the time,” he continued.

“I was just letting my hair down and I didn’t realise the lads weren’t using the sugar-free ones.

“Sugar, sodium benzoate and over excitement is a deadly cocktail.”

England manager Gareth Southgate was standing by Milner, adding: “We won’t be booting him out of the squad.

“I know as well as anyone how important it is to go to a tournament with people who can actually take a penalty.”

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