‘Two World Wars and one World Cup’, sings fan born in 1997

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A young England supporter has spent the afternoon goading Germans by singing popular terrace ditty ‘two World Wars and one World Cup’.

Kyle Nugget belted out the classic chant when he bumped into a group from Hamburg while on holiday in Spain.

“As soon as I realised they were Krauts I let them have hit,” smirked Nugget.

“The full lot – back arched, arms outstretched and my fingers giving it the come-on-then gesture.

“They absolutely shit it. Not one of them dared have a pop back, and I doubt that had anything to do with the fact they were about 13, mostly girls and trying to eat.”

Nugget may have been born in 1997, more than 30 years after England’s last major tournament success against Germany, but he believes that screaming historical references at strangers is his patriotic duty.

“I had to let them know that we are England,” he said.

“Had my mate Dave not been there I probably wouldn’t have bothered as I never behave like this on my own.

“But, y’know, lads on tour and all that.”

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