Unfunny tw*t still saying ‘Woy’

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An unfunny twat is still referring to Roy Hodgson as ‘Woy’.

The man can often be found working alongside you in an office, attempting to become your mate in the pub or forcing his self-styled banter upon anyone who reads the replies to any tweet from any gambling firm.

“Me and my friend Dave were discussing how there’s a new-found excitement around the national team now most of the old lot are gone,” said normal bloke Marcus Cheesewright.

“Then all of a sudden this twat butts in and says ‘you mean now Woy’s gone?’

“He laughed loudly at his own joke and then just stood there with this smug, knowing expression as if we were going piss ourselves at a shit statement we’d heard a million times before.”

The unfunny twat can often be seen reading the Daily Star and passing off old Jimmy Carr gags as his own.

“I know who you mean,” added fellow normal bloke Martyn Burble.

“Always showing you a video of a violent scrap on his phone as if that’ll compensate for his absolute lack of personality or asking why there isn’t a MOBOs for white people.

“Calls teams things like Loserpool, Chelski and Man Ure. Yeah, massive twat, him.”

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