World Cup is officially sh*t – claims Italian

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Italian Giovanni Cornetto has declared the 2018 World Cup to be the ‘shittest one ever’.

Soccer’s global showpiece event may be less than a day old, but the 41-year-old has already made his mind up.

“What the fuck is this World Cup? I tell you my friend, it is the shittest one ever,” he shouted loudly into the faces of everyone who dined at his restaurant last night.

“Football without Italy is like a woman without a vagina, not worth my time.

“Why would I watch football with Belgium or Iceland? They are farmers, pig-fucking farmers.”

Cornetto’s comments brought nods from Dutchman Jan van Nordt, who was dining at the time.

However, not everyone agreed with those sentiments.

“It’s nae different tae tha last five,” shrugged Scotsman Jackie McClelland.

“They’re all fucking shite!”

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