Devastated vegan Iceland fan crushes pigeon to death during Viking Thunderclap

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A vegan Iceland fan was inconsolable this evening after killing a pigeon while doing the Viking Thunderclap.
Olaf Bjorkssun was geting in the mood for his team’s tournament opener against Argentina when he rhythmically slapped his hands together above his head.
“Instead of my hands clapping against one another I felt a soft squidge,” Bjorkssun told Swipe Football.
“Then I looked at my palms and they were a mass of blood and feathers.
“It was then I noticed the dazed bird writhing in agony on the floor between my feet.”
Experts believe the pigeon, which had been nesting in the roof of the Otkritie Arena, became disoriented when the Iceland fans began their trademark chant, swooping through the crowd and above Bjorkssun’s head just as he was about to force his hands together.
“I felt awful, the poor animal looked in so much pain,” the 26-year-old added.
“At first I didn’t know what to do. Then I stamped on its head to put it out of its misery as I didn’t want it distracting me from the game.”
Bjorkssun added that the lack of shame he felt after crushing the skull of the pigeon under his boot has left him considering whether veganism is truly for him.
“I’ll probably give it up,” he continued.
“After all, I am a fisherman like everybody else in my family.”

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