Man scours social media looking for ways to discredit Ronaldo’s hat-trick

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A man spent last night scouring the internet, desperate to find ways to discredit Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick.

The Portuguese captain’s three goals earned his side a 3-3 draw with Spain, but Gez Pringle was in no mood to to praise the Real Madrid attacker.

“I don’t see why the Man United fanboys are giving the little winker any credit at all,” he wrote smugly on Facebook.

“The first goal was a dive, the second a cock-up from the keeper and the third was never a free kick.

“My nan could have scored that.”

After being questioned by Swipe Football, Pringle admitted that every argument he had made was not his, but snippets stolen by bitter replies to journalists praising the player on Twitter.

“Deep down I know that his athleticism, ability and nerves of steel make him one of the greatest ever, but because he’s never played for a team I support my default setting is to pathetically try to convince myself he’s rubbish and search for faults which are predominantly fabricated,” Pringle said.

“And the internet has no shortage of anonymous no-marks desperate for attention spouting guff conspiracy ideas that I can pass off as my own.

“It’s pathetic, I know. I just hope that Messi scores four today so I can use that to belittle Ronaldo instead.”

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