Build a wall, Trump tells Mexico’s defence

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Donald Trump has told Mexico’s defenders to build a wall, or they’re going to pay for it.

The US president has become a huge fan of the World Cup, and has some tips he believes will help his neighbours overcome defending champions Germany.

“I know some guys, real smart guys, some of the smartest guys, who know all about soccer,” Trump told the world’s press.

“These guys, great minds, tell me the best way to stop a shot on goal from a free kick is to build a wall.”

Trump – who told the Kremlin he was supporting Russia at this summer’s tournament during a meeting that never happened – is hoping that Mexico have a great World Cup in a bid to whip up excitement ahead of the competition they will hold jointly in 2026.

“The Mexican people are passionate about soccer, bigly,” he added.

“We’re going to spread their passion across America to make our World Cup the greatest ever… by keeping the kids here and sending the parents back across the border.”

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