Dad who told family being left alone to watch the World Cup would be the perfect Father’s Day gift pretends to be delighted with socks

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A dad who told his family the perfect Father’s Day present would be being left alone to watch today’s World Cup matches has pretended to be delighted to receive a pair of socks.

Larry Muffin was hoping to relax on the sofa and spend eight hours watching Costa Rica v Serbia, Germany v Mexico and Brazil v Switzerland today.

“When the kids burst into the bedroom to wake me up this morning I was buzzing,” Muffin explained.

“But when I noticed they were carrying a gift my heart sank.

“I had to put on this fake smile as I unwrapped a pair of ‘World’s Best Dad’ socks. I could’ve won an Oscar.”

Muffin – who texted reminders of his gift idea to his family, left a note on the fridge and added the match schedule to the kitchen calendar – knew it was game over when his wife announced she had booked a table at a posh restaurant for the family and her parents.

“They don’t even have a TV at that place,” the distraught dad sulked.

“And you just know the women will come up with a plan for me and the father-in-law to powerwash the patio tomorrow night when the England game’s on.”

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