No correlation between singing the national anthem passionately and winning, scientists confirm

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Scientists have announced there is no link between singing the national anthem with wild passion and being any good at sport.

Boffins at Skegness University made the amazing discovery which was published in Razzle earlier this week.

“We watched every England team national anthem and every major tournament since 1970, and can confirm there is absolutely no correlation,” said Professor Derek Coco-Pop.

“Sometimes some players sing the anthem loudly and sometimes they don’t, but either way England still don’t win anything.

“It’s a staggering find, because if you go on Facebook it seems that everyone thinks a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen makes some kind of difference.”

The study also discovered the findings were the same for all countries.

“Look at Spain,” Prof Coco-Pop added.

“They don’t have any words to their national anthem, yet sometimes they win things and sometimes they don’t.

“It’s almost as if it’s more important to have a talented, mentally strong squad and the rub of the green at important moments than big lungs.”

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