England fan queues 47 minutes to buy pint he’s going to throw in the air

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An England fan can’t wait to queue 47 minutes to buy a pint he’s going to chuck in the air if his team scores.

Supporter Billy Spinks is going to watch the match in his local town square with mates who also have exactly the same plan.

“It’s a right laugh,” he said.

“I’ve booked the afternoon off work to make sure I can get there at least two hours before kick off, when it’s only five-man deep at the bar.

“From then on it’s only a 47-minute wait to get served.”

After paying £8 for his warm lager, Spinks will then nurse his pint, taking only small sips and ensuring there is at least a third of the liquid in the plastic cup for as long as it takes for England to find the back of the net.

“It’s all about timing,” he added.

“When Sterling hit the side netting against Italy at the last World Cup I chucked my beer straight up in the air thinking we’d scored.

“It turns out the bloke in front of me only likes getting piss-wet through when it counts and he kicked me in the knackers.

“When we lost 1-0 to Belgium I spent three hours sipping at one pint, but thrashing Panama 6-1 was a right laugh… even if it cost me £50 and I didn’t see any of the game.”

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