Sunday League player knows exactly what England did wrong

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A Sunday League footballer is telling everyone exactly why England crashed out of the World Cup.

Terry Snuff, who has made three appearances for his local league team in the past two seasons, is spending the day forcing his negative opinions onto everyone he meets.

“I always knew Gareth Southgate wasn’t the right man for the job,” said Snuff, who wore a waistcoat to work on the day of the Three Lions’ 2-1 defeat to Croatia.

“Sure, he created a team that was greater than the sum of its parts and took them way further than anyone expected, but I’ve always said we missed a trick by not giving Harry Redknapp the job.

“He’d have won it. Easy.”

Snuff, who likes to go out on a Saturday night but is always happy to help his team out when they’re short, also had some harsh words about the manager’s selection.

“What was he doing picking Ashley Young?” asked the 24-year-old, who has three St George’s flags hanging out of his bedroom window at his mum’s house.

“I always said he wasn’t good enough, even when I was going mental celebrating his assist for Harry Maguire against Sweden.

“Half the squad weren’t good enough. I’m definitely not suddenly having a go at them and distancing myself from the team because it’s the only way I can get over my anger after emotionally investing in the team so much, by the way. Definitely not.”

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