Sunday League player suggests you speak to his agent

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A Sunday League footballer has told managers interested in signing him that they need to go through his agent.

Trev Pocklington has become a sought-after left back following a string of impressive performances last season, even turning up sober on a handful of occasions.

But a wave of offers has seen him enlist the help of an agent to ensure he gets the best deal.

“It’s been crazy this summer,” Pocklington told Swipe Football.

“I’ve had three managers message me on Facebook and Dave from work, he runs a team, and he keeps going on about me signing for him.

“But there are a lot of things I’ve got to think about. Some clubs charge more for subs or expect you to take turns to wash the kit, while other teams get hot food provided.

“I just want the best for me and my family.”

Agent Fred Tuckfard is the man representing Pocklington in what could be a make-or-break summer for the player’s career in the Dave’s Autos Division Three.

“Do you know what 10 per cent of sod all is?” Tuckfard asked?

“Yeah, I think it’s ridiculous too, but if players in the Southern Premier League have agents then why shouldn’t every kid who calls himself a ‘baller’ because his mum bought him some expensive pink boots?”

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