Dad overcome with pride after watching son give first w*nker sign

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A dad was overcome with pride after watching his son give his first-ever wanker sign to the away end.

“It were proper brilliant,” explained Keith Throgmorton after his six-year-old boy Bertie made the gesture during an uneventful first half.

“He did it all by himself, without prompting or anything. All the other dads around me were shaking my hand and telling me I was doing a cracking job.

“I’m really starting to love him.”

Keith told Swipe Football that Bertie had always been advanced for his age, pointing out he knew all the words to No Surrender to the IRA by the age of two.

“Keith’s a great father,” beamed wife Felicity.

“He lives for daddy-son time. He gets so excited about the football on Saturdays that sometimes they’re out the house and at the pub by 10am, singing songs about getting into them and fucking them up as walk hand-in-hand down the garden path. It’s so cute.

“He’s even putting money aside for when Bertie turns 18, so he can get his first club crest tattoo.”

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